Beloved Bloodhounds

Bloodhounds are one of America's most beloved breeds and for good reason. Known as the world-famous "Sleuth Hound" because of their incredible sense of smell, Bloodhounds make ideal hunting comrades as well as family pets. Since the late 70s, we've raised and loved dogs of all kinds. Sage Mountain Bloodhounds has been proudly breeding quality bloodhounds with amazing temperaments since 2012. For the past 8 years, Bloodhounds have been our passion. It's our belief that a Bloodhound isn't just a pet. It's a unique experience that becomes part of who you are. If you're interested in acquiring a dog unlike any other, we invite you to explore our website.

A Noble Breed

Bloodhounds---beautiful, quick-witted and quite honestly, extraordinary. Known for their exceptional sense of smell, this compelling breed has no greater competitor in locating missing items, persons and virtually anything that bares a scent. This is why many bloodhounds are trained to assist military and security personnel. With a signature look beloved by many, Bloodhounds display long, wrinkled faces with loose skin accompanied by huge, drooping ears. Their soft, deep-set eyes give them a notable, dignified expression that clearly defines the Bloodhound line. With coats that range from black an tan to liver an tan and signature red, with variations in all three colors. Bloodhounds have a sturdy, large frame with powerful legs. Remarkably intelligent, Bloodhounds are characterized as being exceptionally smart, a bit stubborn and pack-oriented. They enjoy the company of other dogs and kids, making them the ideal family pet!

A Bloodhound isn't just a pet. It's a unique experience that
becomes part of who you are.

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The Perfect Addition

With mild-temperaments and an exceptional line, Sage Mountain Bloodhounds guarantees you'll be more than pleased with your newest addition. Whether you're seeking to have a Bloodhound to accompany your hunting trips or as a family pet, you've come to the right place.

AKC Bloodhounds for Show, SAR, Military, Service Dogs, Law Enforcement, and Great Families

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