Our available puppies

A Mothers LOVE


Wrinkles, wrinkles and more wrinkles! Not to mention some of the best lines in the Bloodhound world. If you're seeking the perfect addition to your home then look no further than Sage Mountain Bloodhounds. As breeders of this remarkable canine, we stand behind the lovable nature of our Bloodhounds. Plus, all of our pups come with a 2-year health guarantee! And Life Time Breeder Support!

Puppy Pick-Up

At Sage Mountain Bloodhounds you can pick-up your puppy at our location: 4910 Hwy 34 Wheatland, WY 82201 or we can meet you half way for customers who live within 4 hours of Wheatland, WY.

BioSensor Training

We offer BioSensor Training for each of our Bloodhounds. This has often been referred to as a "Super Dog" training program because of its proven effectiveness.

A KindReminder

We kindly reserve the right to deny any person one of our puppy's if we deem it is not in the puppy's best interest. At any time after the sale or deposit, if we decide you are not the best person to own one of our puppy's, we reserve the right to call off the sale.


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